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Half board

Booked for half board, in the evening a stylish four course menu is served. Our rich breakfast buffet leaves nothing to be desired.

Own bakery

Our own house bakery stands for traditional baking and provides the freshest bread and delicous buns for your breakfast.

Bar - Stübli

The cozy bar with adjoining pine parlor is also open in the evening. Hot drinks and small delicacies are also served by the fireplace.

Gastronomie hotel Nolda

Free restaurant selection -
    the culinary

For culinary variety, as a guest in our Hotel Nolda, you can also take your menu in the restaurants  „The Royal Mongolian“, „La Stalla“, „Pizzeria Arte“ or „Chesa Pool - Chamineda“ (when booked for half board). 


"The Royal Mongolian" offers a sensational buffet with market fresh and also exotic ingredients. The restaurant "La Stalla" offers a heavenly cheese fondue. The "Arte Pizzeria" offers Italian delicacies. The "Chesa Pool - Chamineda" restaurant offers Engadin specialties.


In these restaurants the half-board price will  be credited to your restaurant bill (only meals, no beverages).


Engadine Nut Cake


The fabulous nut cake from the Engadine! A composition of cracked walnuts and precious honey.


While there are many Engadine nut cakes, non of them equals our Nolda Nut Cake. Each cake is handmade and manufactured with love.


Nolda Nut Cakes are not just a wonderful treat in the Engadine though. To take with you a sweet memory of an unforgettable time in the Engadine you can take one of our nut cakes home.


Your Nolda Nut Cake you can purchase at the reception desk.




Nut cake large CHF 28.-

Nut cake small CHF 14.-