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Hotel Nolda St. Moritz

St. Moritz

Quality vacation on the sunny side of the Alps

St. Moritz in Engadin is not just any vacation address, but a myth like few places in Europe. A pioneer of alpine tourism, who combines impressive high mountain scenery with the esprit and elegance of international class.


More than only glamorous

But who associates St. Moritz only with jet set, glamour and exalted luxury, is wrong. Since St. Moritz is much more than that. Namely there is thrilling sport in all playing kinds and in every season. Magnificent mountain climbing in a magic light of impressionist. Breathe in a sparkling, spicy high-altitude air. Excellent Engadin cuisine. Sources of ancient healing traditions. And a hospitality that can hardly be more genuine and sincere.

The location – exhilaration for body and mind

St. Moritz is located in a long upper valley, which is through and through friendly. It does not scare visitors like some deep valley does, where the valley is overshadowed by high mountains. The mountains of St. Moritz might appear massive, but they are not oppressive. For the valley has come up to them; up to 1856 meters, to be precise.


So the air is already a sensation. The air is dry, fragrant and sparkling and every single breath is a pleasure. ”Champagne climate”, its admirers say. The rarefied, clean, constantly moving high altitude air does in fact stimulate circulation and encourages blood production. Whoever longs to take a deep breath – a better place than St. Moritz will not be found.


Even the sun is different here. It shines not only on 320 days a year, but also more intense and it makes St. Moritz and Engadin the purest light spectacle. The afternoons are of a silvery and penetrating brightness, so that the contours emerge all to clear.